February 2, 2012

No Shadows Please.

Happy Groundhog Day Everyone!

It's a semi-ridiculous made up holiday, but it's a North American tradition for anyone who is unaware. The story goes that if, when the groundhog comes up from his burrough, he sees a shadow, winter will last for another six weeks. There's no scientific credence to this logic, but it's entertaining to see mayors of cities around the nation exclaiming over a small ground-dwelling creature every February. This year, I'm hoping winter will whisk away without much of a fuss, because while I truly adore cold and snow, I don't want to spend the next few weeks freezing my tush off. Since our furnace went out last week, we've been doing more than enough of that, so for the first time in my life I honestly hope winter ends soon.

Though, on the bright side, if Mr. Groundhog predicts a rambling winter, it'll give me more of an opportunity to make nice warm batches of bread before the heat makes baking unbearable. There's always an upside I suppose.

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