January 2, 2012

A Brand New Year.

Today is January 2nd, 2012. While I'm sad that the Christmas decorations are down, and the music has reverted back to being terrible, I'm also excited for the promise of a new start January holds. Every year presents an opportunity to see your life through a fresh set of eyes, which is incredibly appealing if you think about it. This year I have decided to set some goals for myself. While I'm not typically prone to making (or keeping) New Years Resolutions, I'm feeling optimistic about this years batch.

So far I've settled on these goals, though the list may change over time. (Who says resolutions can only be set on New Years day?)

-Develop a healthier relationship with food. I am not going to use food as a source of comfort, punishment, or guilt.
-Travel to another country. Preferably England, but Canada if I have to.
-Exercise for 30 minutes a day, increasing increments by 5 minutes a day until I have reached 1 hour. Then maintain.
-Read the books I have in my book closet before embarking on any more. (Exception being any books gifted to me for any reason, and of course, text books).
Do atleast one craft project a week.
-Learn to sew on a sewing machine.
-Learn to play one song on keyboard.
-Volunteer atleast three times.

I suppose time will tell just how many of these stick.

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