January 26, 2012

Just in Time.

I have a strange affinity for completing assignments within minutes of them being due. In high school, I used to refer to my Advanced Placement classes as an education in Advanced Procrastination. Last semester I didn't begin my term papers or final projects until the day I had to hand them in. I can't tell you why I'm such a terrible procrastinator, but for some reason it seems to work for me. One of these days this habit will bite me in the ass, but until then, I'm going to keep testing the limits. Tonight, I began an assignment at 11:03PM, knowing it was due at midnight. I've known about it for well over a week, and it's for my international business class which I really do enjoy. Seeing as it was the first homework assignment, most people would try to give themselves the most possible time so they made a good impression. Obviously, I'm not most people... I waited as long as possible, knowing that this professor expects highly detailed responses from his students. I answered the questions as quickly (though effectively) as possible, and was able to submit the properly spaced, spell-checked assignment at 11:57. Now, I don't wish to boast about what I perceive to be a major win, but I'd just like to say one thing: Fuck yeah! That is a new personal record considering the length and quality of the work. I just love to race against the clock like that. I know it's foolish and I'm bound to loose to father time, but for the moment, I have to bask in the glory of success. It really is the small things in life...

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