January 14, 2012

Prison Time.

Has anyone seen the show Beyond Scared Straight? This show introduces at-risk teenagers and young adults to the realities of prison. Most of these teenagers are insolent and arrogant, while deluding themselves into thinking they're 'hard'. When they're brought into the prison and shown what life is really like behind bars, their faces are absolutely hysterical. Of course some of them try to keep up their tough exterior, but a surprising proportion of them look like they want to run home to their mommy. I don't know what will become of them in the long run, but this program seems like an incredible second chance for many of these kids. Now, I could never imagine being in that position, mainly because I was raised by the daughter of a correction officer who has no tolerance for misbehavior like that, but I imagine if I were in that position and being offered a second chance, I'd do everything I could to take it. What baffles me most is the complete lack of interest in most of these kids. I understand bad childhoods and situations can lead people astray, though I'll never understand the stagnant emotions that lead them to simply not care about their futures. Whatever their reasons, I do hope they will one day get back on track, and until then, I will be entertained by their prisoner-induced-fear.

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